Creative Brain

The Creative Brain

By Ned Herrmann

The Creative Brain is a personal journey in discovering brain dominance. Ned Herrmann was a man with a mission to help people understand their own mental makeup and know how to use it effectively. Herrmann had a twenty-year business career at General Electric as director of management education. He also enjoyed an active career as an artist first as a singer and later as a painter. An illness forced him to abandon singing and take up painting, and his dual success as business leader and creative type led him to a study of the brain itself.

Moving from a physiological model, he devised a four-quadrant metaphorical model to define thinking styles that are measurable through a simple survey form the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. The book has enormous benefits for self-understanding, but goes beyond that to provide a means of dealing with others in the world of work and life.

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