Whole Brain Business

The Whole-Brain Business Book

By Ned Herrmann

Most people and organizations, Ned Herrmann noted, are stuck in a “brain rut” because their work is dominated by just one mode of thinking. Through practical explorations and exercises, he shows individuals and organizations how to harness the power of the whole brain. Readers can use The Whole Brain Business Book to expand their own thinking styles, to create and manage Whole Brain Teams, and to introduce new levels of flexibility and innovation into the corporate culture. It shows them how organizations like DuPont and GE use their “whole brain” orientation to thrive and profit in times of chaos.

The book is entirely business oriented. Key topics include thinking styles, management styles, communication, productivity, team formation, gender issues, creativity, strategic thinking, the thinking preferences of 773 CEO’s from six countries, organizational change, “out of the box” thinking, entrepreneurship, reclaiming lost creativity, MBAs versus the creatives, managing financial crisis, and breaking down the barriers to whole brain growth.

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